CNN anchor mistakes Star-Spangled Banner for French national anthem

I'm surprised anyone at CNN caught the mistake!


CNN anchor Poppy Harlow mistook the Star-Spangled Banner for the French national anthem, while covering President Trump's arrival in the country Thursday.

Trump is in France to meet with President Emmanuel Macron, before celebrating Bastille Day together. Trump and Macron shook hands during the arrival, and a band played the United States' national anthem.

But despite Harlow’s pedigreed education at Minneapolis’ exclusive Blake School and the prestigious Columbia University, she seemed to not realize it was her country’s national anthem.

Harlow voiced over the event: “Let’s just listen in to the French National Anthem for just a moment.”

It was moments before Harlow noticed her mistake. Whispers could be heard in the background of the CNN set, and Harlow corrected the error.

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This is a screen grab of a segment Inside Edition showed of Poppy Harlow in December of 2015.  (Inside Edition)

“The U.S., American national anthem, I should say,” Harlow said with a chuckle. “Let’s listen.”

The gaffe comes as the news organization has been under siege by the Trump administration, with the president repeatedly characterizing them as “Fake News.” 

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Besides mistaking the Star Spangled Banner for the Marseilles, during the same trip, another CNN journo, Andrea Mitchell, stated Bastille Day marked the 100th anniversary of the US entrance into WWII.

She's supposed to be one of their smarter reporters.  

Jeff Zeleny, CNN stated Bastille Day marked the anniversary of US entrance into WWI.

The values of a late 20th century public school education.

BTW, kiddies, Bastille Day marks the anniversary of the French Revolution in 1789.  It just so happened that this year's Bastille Day fell on the 100th anniversary of US entrance into WWI. 


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