Did UFOs cause Marilyn Monroe's death? Documentary claims proof

Kraven posted:
Marilyn shot her mouth off about how much she knew of
certain events and JFK swore he would end the Vietnam war.
Either one never recovered.

She thought she was going to marry a kennedy when she unknowingly stepped into the viper pit of the kennedy clan.

It did,, but it took LBJ to keep it going for the money he wanted
to make.

Bell helicopter rival Kaman Aircraft signed a contract for the procurement of 220 helicopters bound for Vietnam that was submitted and approved by Congress in 1963. However within days of LBJ becoming President, the contract was nullified and re-awarded to Bell Helicopter. The US involvement in Vietnam was escalated, and Bell thrived. The Johnsons owned considerable stock in Bell and had used the company for transportation in his barnstorming of Texas in 1948. "Within five days after the assassination of President Kennedy and the succession of Lyndon B. Johnson to the Presidency, the program for procuring UH-2s from Kaman was dropped by the Department of Defense," wrote Kaman Corporation founder, Charles H. Kaman. "Politics had reared its ugly head in a very certain way."

EXCERPTED from the Updated edition of the Man Who Killed Kennedy the Case Against LBJ – now in Paperback.



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