Hartford, CT Approaches Bankruptcy

Hartford, CT has hired a law firm to determine whether the city should seek bankruptcy protection.  They were counting on help from the state. Unfortunately, Connecticut has its own funding problems.  The governor has nixed any new taxes as the present structure is driving out businesses.  Several have moved to New York state and Massachusetts. If a company considers those two states tax havens, then the state they're fleeing must truly be horrible.

"When the city approved its budget, it assumed the state would contribute an extra $40-million to help balance the city's budget.  The state is facing its own deficit of $5-billion dollars over two years, and state lawmakers have been unable to reach agreement on their own budget."


Democrat -- carrier of a parasitic zombie virus, that destroys the mind of the host leaving a semblance of life, while destroying civilization. 





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Before someone gets here with the "Yeah, but the poorest states are republican run!" statement, the problem with those states is that those states were formerly run by democrats with the majority of economic sins happening in the 19th Century.

Are the 10 Poorest U.S. States

Really Republican?


The fact that Dems foisted the economic systems of slavery and then share cropping along with Northern punitive measures retarded economic growth in nine of those states. The Rust Belt cities and states were produced primarily by 20th Century "liberal" Dems.

Mercatus’ credit standings of the 50 states.

I'd look at the ten worse run states.  

The ten states with the worst credit ratings.

1.  Connecticut as 50th. 

2.  Massachusetts as 49th.

3.  New Jersey as 48th. 

4.  Illinois as 47th. 

5.  Kentucky as 46th. 

6.  Hawaii as 45th. 

7.  California as 44th. 

8.  Maine as 43rd. 

9.  New York state as 42nd.

10.  Maryland as 41st.

Except for Kentucky, all of the bottom ten are Democrat ruined states.  Both parties share responsibility for Kentucky's woes.

Illinois' financial manager notified the public, the state can no longer pay all its bills.  Democrats have bankrupted Detroit, Harrisburg, the DC city government, Jefferson county (AL), Puerto Rico and, soon, the American Virgin Islands.

Democrat - a parasitic zombie virus, that destroys the intelligence of its host, leaving a semblance of life, while destroying civilization. 


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