Iranians confirm goal is to 'rule worldwide'

Remember all those “Islamophobes” who are constantly fretting that Islam wants to take over the world?

That, in fact, is the religion’s ultimate objective, according to top commanders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran, says a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute, the commanders believe the Islamic revolution in Iran is only the first stage on a path to spreading the rule of Shiite Islam in the Middle East and worldwide.

The “mission of advancing the Islamic Revolution to these heights falls to the IRGC commanders,” MEMRI said.

“The commanders reiterated the argument that the U.S., the leader of the ‘world of arrogance,’ opposes Islam, and thus also Iran, which is, they say, the standard-bearer of the Revolution and its global vision,” MEMRI reported.

The commanders said the U.S. is acting to sabotage the plan to institute Islam worldwide by, in MEMRI words, “infiltrating the circles of decision-makers in Iran in order to impregnate them with Western cultural values and spark internal disputes among the Muslims.”

MEMRI quoted IRGC commander Ali Ja’Fari, who said: “The history of Iran is replete with agreement on the rule of the jurisprudent [velayat ] which has [already] crossed Iran’s borders, and the united Islamic nation is being formed. … We are on the path that leads to the rule of Islam worldwide.”

A few weeks ago, Ja’Fari said the Islamic Revolution “is aimed at creating an infrastructure of the religion of God on earth, and it will wait for no man on its path advancement.”


“All [Iranian] officials must adapt to the accelerated progress of the Revolution,” he said.

“The Islamic Revolution is now in its third stage – that is, [the stage] of assembling the Islamic government, and with God’s help it will pass this stage successfully despite the ups and downs that constantly occur.”

Ja’Fari said that as an IRGC commander “and as one of the commanders during the era of the Sacred Defense [i.e. the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war], I believe that today the young people’s yearning to unconditionally defend the Revolution has expanded greatly relative to the era of the Sacred Defense.”

“Their repeated requests to play a role alongside the defenders of the holy places indicate this.”

For the rest of this report, and more, please go to Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.



The stupidity of liberals, ability to ignore their ignorance


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Not that we didn't know it, but now the congressional Dems and
the MSM can't deny it. mobarry did his part and hilda didn't
have her chance to wrap it up, if one American doesn't know
this by now they're dumber than a dung beetle/liberal.


Another but,,, what the liberal media, education in general and
the stupid in general leaves millions and millions of French minded
type of people still living in a late 60's world.
giftedamateur posted:

 It's no secret the Muslims are intent on taking over the world. What I can't understand is why Democrats are so eager to help them do it.

One reason the slops are helping them, slops are stupid. The second reason, slops are bigoted and think the muzzies will do away with all the people the slops don't like, including gays. The third reason, for all their talk the slops don't care about women and children. The slop women are jealous of each other and any other woman, and have no normal human feelings towards their own children. A trait they share with muzzie mothers. The fourth reason, slops think the muzzies will give them stuff for their support. With slops it's all about what they can get. They have no loyalty to their country, they just want free stuff. There are other reasons slops are giving the country over to the muzzies. Almost too many to count.

 In order to understand Iran's desire to conquer the world, for Islam, you have to understand their view of their religion's end times. They believe, out of Iran will come thin Mahdi or Messiah who will overcome the entire world, every Government and world leader and convert ALL to Islam and rule the world from Jerusalem.

As for conversion of the world and its inhabitants to Islam it is a convert or die process led by the Mahdi and assisted by Muslim Jesus who will return to facilitate conversion of the Christians.  Most current Islamic clerics believe if they can bring about  world War, with the west, by the destruction of Israel, they can, and will, bring on the coming of the Mahdi even if by Nuclear means.


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