Las Troias (New Mexican Restaurant)

In the mall, by one of the two entrances across from Chick-fil-a they are adding provisions for outside dining and a new Mexican Restaurant has announced plans to open.  I doubt it will be like the routine Mexican restaurants in the area but I also haven't heard of this chain.  Will be glad to have another though.


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Agreed!  I'm glad something new is coming to the Florence Mall because, with the loss of Sears, and the possible loss of JC Penney, in the future, the mall needs to have more stores opening here because there are enough leaving the area.

Several folks have noticed that the sign is down and it appears that work on Las Troias has slowed to a crawl but at this point I don't know if there is still going to be a new Mexican Restaurant in the mall or not.  I don't know if anyone else knows what's going on, maybe they just had to slow down due to funds but hopefully they are not going to cancel the project as it looked like it was going to be a good (much needed) addition to the Florence Mall at a time when they really need more growth. 

I swung by Las Troias tonight when I picked up my granddaughter at the mall and saw some women outside their door talking.   I ask about their opening and was told that they expected to open sometime next week (September 27 -  December 1st) .  We'll see but it looks nice and should enhance traffic at the mall.  

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