Lil Capone's Italian Restaurant

This new restaurant is actually owned and run by the same person that had the Pizza restaurant off Cloverdale Road that was beside Kendrick's Spirits and across from Jack's Restaurant.  He moved in order to have a larger restaurant and offer a larger menu as  well as having a bar available. 

All that said I've been twice to the new restaurant and have been extremely satisfied both times.  I've only tried the regular pasta, with the request to melt cheese on top ( Baked Spaghetti that is ) and to me it's the best pasta in town.  I've had very good pasta at Olive Garden, Rising Crust (which was previously owned by this same owner), and Ricatonis but Lil Capone's is a very tasty red sauce and the serving size is very good as well and the cost was around $7.99 for the entrée but was the one without meatballs so if you like or want meatballs then the cost will be slightly higher.  

It also appears that they are doing quite well at the new location, which has been open some 3-4 weeks because they have been on a wait to be seated many of the days we have passed by with their busiest days being Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturday evenings.   As for the only negative thing I could find to comment on it would be their brewed sweet tea.  The one I got had a quirky taste to it and I didn't like it at all but they have Pepsi products as well as other drinks if you don't like the tea.

As always bon appetite.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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I've tried to attach a menu but I don't know if it will work.   The attached PDF file should download and bring up each page of their multipage menu.    As for the location I tried to put that in the first paragraph mentioning it was across from Jacks and near Kendrick's Spirits on Cloverdale road.  It's in the same strip mall group of buildings as Fiesta Mexicana and with both Fiesta's crowd and that of Lil Capone's the parking lot gets quite crowded and congested at prime times.


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