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This will not get here quick enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot hardly believe all the hoopla going on these last few weeks by the media, namely NBC and CBS only ones I get, over the Obamas leaving the WH.  I never saw anything like it before with any other president and his family: last visit at the WH, last ride on Air Force One, 60 Minutes this coming Sunday, Michele on Jimmy Fallon, last speech to the American people from Chicago (wonder how much that cost the taxpayers) the other day, and on and on!  It is all a campaign speech for future political canvassing and political action for "something."  That speech from Chicago was a campaign speech, no less!  And all the accolades dripping with sugar you would think if you did not know better that this man never did anything wrong and is the greatest ever president and Michele is the greatest ever first lady and the family, too.  It is enough to make you sick!
black is beautiful but not always: Crooks.// Aren't political campaign lies just wonderful!! All information that would reveal what these two frauds really are was suppressed, denied, or threatened into silence. Both parties do this, but it seems the Democrats have the greater ability for obsfucation!! These two need to be banished from DC forever!! Traitors!:
If she is so proud to be an American then Why not show it???:
What makes her think she deserves this when our economy is shot and people are barely getting by? Someone please knock some sense into her.:
I read she has 22 taxpayer paid assistant and 1 dog handler at tax payer exspense at over $100000 annually. She's the most awful 1st lady ever she hates America and. All we stand for. She disgusts me.she's such a rasict.Mooch-ell-O:
Michelle Obama quote:
black is beautiful but not always:
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Michelle has about three hairs on her head. Her wigs and weaves cost us upward into the 20 and 30 thousand dollar range each, and she changed them almost daily. That is not to mention the cost of maintaining them. Then add in her momma's and daughters' weaves and wigs and there is no telling how many millions we spent on their fake hair.

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