The unbelievable hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton calls Trump 'sexual assaulter' in BBC interview, but says Bill's behavior 'in the past'

Hillary Clinton moved to take the heat off Harvey Weinstein Friday by outright calling President Trump a “sexual assaulter” – while roundly dismissing past allegations of sexual impropriety against her husband as old news. 

Clinton made the comments during an interview with BBC's Andrew Marr, who asked about the allegations of sexual assault made against Democratic mega-donor and Hollywood producer Weinstein. 

“This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere, whether it's in entertainment, politics,” Clinton said. “After all, we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office.”

Marr responded by pointing out Clinton has dismissed allegations made by women against her husband, former President Bill Clinton, that Trump highlighted during the hard-fought presidential campaign.

“That has all been litigated,” Clinton replied. “That was subject of a huge investigation in the late '90s and there were conclusions drawn. That was clearly in the past.” 

Clinton, in her accusation against Trump, was referring to the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape of Trump in 2005 in which he said he can “do anything” to women as a star, including grabbing “them by the p----.” Trump later apologized for his comments and called it “locker room talk” but has never admitted to sexual assault.

After the video surfaced in October 2016, Trump held a press conference with Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick, who had all accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct in the past.

In the latest interview, Clinton expressed disappointment the "Access Hollywood" tape didn’t sink Trump in the campaign.

“The really sad part of the campaign was how this horrific tape, what he said about women in the past, what he said about women during the campaign, was discounted by a lot of voters,” she said.

Clinton, who is on a tour promoting her memoir about the campaign, also said she was “really shocked and appalled” at the recent revelations about Weinstein. 

“He's been a supporter -- he's been a funder for all of us, for Obama, for me, for people who have run for office in the United States,” she said. “So it was just disgusting and the stories that have come out are heartbreaking. And I really commend the women who have been willing to step forward now and tell their stories.” 

Weinstein has raised thousands for the Clintons

A White House spokesman did not return a request for comment. 

But earlier this week, White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway called Clinton a "hypocrite" on women's issues. 

“She needs to not be a hypocrite about women’s empowerment and what it means to be pro-woman,” Conway told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” “She is on a book tour talking about herself and a campaign she lost—not talking about women’s empowerment, she’s not trying to help victims of sexual assault.” 

Conway also blasted Clinton for taking five days to release a statement condemning Weinstein: "I felt like a woman who ran to be commander-in-chief and president of the United States, who talks about women’s empowerment, took an awfully long time to give support to these women."

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Reportedly, Bill demonstrated his opinion of her book by dumping the manuscript in the trash can.  They aren't on speaking terms. Bill's spending his time at his library, living at the penthouse apartment (complete with hot tub).  Hillary's out on her whiney "Wat Hoppened,"  tour.  Hint, Hill, you are a lousy campaigner and Donald out smarted the DNC, Podesta and you. Admittedly, a wood louse could out smart Podesta.

it is all a play on words,,, Trump admitted it was crazy how women will let one do things because of them being a celeb. Clinton seduced a 22 year old intern. Now with the Weinstein people are coming out about how they were so missed treated. First if you allowed him so you could get a million dollar gig, your a prostitute not a rape victim. Second coming out 10, 20 years later isn't being brave, your just trying to get in the headlines.  Assault isn't someone making an advance unless you say no and then they touch you. Your giggling isn't no.  Rape isn't your allowing sex then latter deciding you didn't have the nerve to say no.  People act like fools around celebs, and many see it as a badge of honor to have sex with a celeb.    

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