Two Democrats put their ignorance on full display with article of impeachment

Reps. Brad Sherman of California and Al Green of Texas have brought forward a formal article of impeachment against President Donald Trump for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

It goes without saying these two congressmen are Democrats.

It does not go without laughing, however. Years and years and years ago, there was this show about animal research and the scientist had placed a soccer ball or something in the middle of a ring of monkeys. Every few seconds, a monkey would reach a hesitant hand toward the ball, only to be slapped away by the researcher. This went on — and on and on and on. Monkey reach, monkey slapped, monkey retreat — monkey reach again. The point was to show just how limited in brain development the monkeys really were, because their instincts to touch overcame their instincts to listen to their pain. It really did become comical after a while.

That’s how the Democrats are on impeachment. They just can’t help themselves.

After months and months and months of listening to the left call for Trump’s ouster from office — a call that laughingly began before Trump even took over the White House — the mantra has become monkeyish.

Now come Sherman and Green with the paperwork.

Sorry, fellas. Even CNN’s against you on this one.



The stupidity of liberals, ability to ignore their ignorance


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