While we're talking about France: France Will Ban The Sale Of All Petrol And Diesel Cars...

A Boeing 747 uses 7840kg of aviation fuel for the take-off, climb and descent portions of the flight and these account for about 250km. For journeys longer than that, the plane will use 10.1kg for each additional kilometre under typical cruising conditions. So to fly from Heathrow to Edinburgh (530km) uses 10,668kg of fuel, which releases a little over 33 tonnes of CO2.

Whereas a Ford Mondeo 1.8 TDCi emits 151g of CO2 per km and covers 650km to reach Edinburgh. That works out to be 98kg for a single passenger, compared to 79kg per person for the Jumbo, assuming it carries its full complement of 416 passengers. But you could drive 336 cars to Edinburgh for the same CO2 as one plane.


I hope all of Europe rides bicycles, more gas for the USA

France elected a liberal loon and soon they will pay dearly for it. I don't have a problem with electric vehicles as I would love to have one myself. My problem is cutting off and banning the alternatives. 

That is though, the liberal way, ban the opposition rather than confronting it and proving yours to be the better side of the two arguments. They don't like free choice but rather have to direct everyone as only they know what's best for everyone.  Then could be its that way because liberalism would always be on the losing end of arguments.

I believe Volvo has decided that every car it makes will have an electric motor starting in 2019. After seeing reports of cars with lithium batteries going pyrotechnic, I think I'll burn some kind of liquid fuel a little longer.


How to fight a burning Tesla

On Nov. 3, a Tesla S with two people onboard raced at high speeds through Indianapolis before smashing into a tree. The violent impact killed the occupants, spread so much debris that responders initially thought it was a car vs. motorcycle crash and set off an incredibly hot fire.

Even days later as the remains of the vehicle sat in an impound yard, it needed a 150-foot buffer zone to keep from igniting other vehicles.

This was no garden variety car fire.


My wifes nieces husband is a very successful doctor in Nashville and he purchased a Tesla which notified him to pullover one day. Soon as he stopped he became aware the car was on fire. It was totally destroyed but he still replaced it with another one.

I personally think it was the quick acceleration that sold him on it. I think they are still far too expensive to even be considered.  Maybe if Volvo is Sucessful it will help bring down others prices. The huge drawback other than cost is the very limited range before a manditory recharge is needed along with the lack of recharge stations and the time it takes to recharge still makes them a some what local area restricted range vehicle.

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