A Historic Contrast ... Unprecedented!

Two major things happened today that couldn't be more indicative of today's political environment. 

On one hand, the President (President Trump) signs a historic trade deal with China, a nation that has historically taken advantage of our Trade relationship.  An agreement that sent the stock market, indicative of our Nations's business environment and economic progress, into new unprecedented levels.  On the other hand, in Washington you have the Democrats marching the two counts for impeachment to the Senate in order to impeach this unprecedented President.  

Why Impeach Trump?  Mainly, since there is no evidence or no valid reasons for impeachment, it's a political move in an attempt to remove a President whom the Democrats, increasingly, believe that they cannot defeat at the ballot by any other means or methods.  Democrats have proven that they are a political party that cares not for the Constitution, by their very actions, but instead will do anything, legal or illegal, good or harmful to the nation in order to gain or win political power.  Almost 100% of the accusations that they level against their political adversaries are they, themselves, not only guilty of, but in many cases perfected doing themselves.

There has never, at any time that I can remember, reading about, studying about, as many politicians of a political party that are participating willingly in treasonous acts in an attempt to circumvent a national election's results or to affect an upcoming election.  Furthermore, we have an enormous number of people, voters, the electorate, Americans (and non-Americans) willing to accept what these people are doing and participate in it.  Lastly add that a willing and culpable national media seeking the same outcome all rooted in a derangement, mostly, over one man who bested all of them.

Truly Unprecedented!

 I really wanted to be and thought myself to be independent however the unprecedented actions of today's Democratic Party and politicians have created a political environment that makes it impossible to be impartial and independent.  It is increasingly more becoming a situation of being true to the Constitution or seeking a change in our Nation's government at all levels and an abandoning of our Constitution.  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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