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1130 posted:

I might believe the impeachment evidence if democrats hadn't started talking impeachment the day after election.   or if they were concerned with the corruption of Biden.   Simple it is a political coup.  President Trump is doing things he said twenty years ago needed to be done.  Many of us talked long ago how taxpayers, businesses were being screwed with the democrat trade deals.  Sadly we had to watch democrat families (and some republicans) get kick backs.

Exactly!  All this talk about Lev dishing on Trump but what I see is a man that's going to say anything to keep his own self out of prison.  All this talk about Trump yet NO talk about Biden and doing what he did when he was VP.  People talk like they have smoking guns with Trump but what they have is people threatened with loss of their liberty and freedom unless they say something against the man yet with Biden we have recorded and visual proof of him (Biden) bragging about holding back money unless a prosecutor is fired.  But nothing there, no corruption .. why?  Because he's a Democrat and running for President as a Democrat.  

If Trump truly desired to break the law, intended to do something like that do you think he'd of done it with so many people on the phone, knowing that everyone was listening?  Like was said almost all Democrats and liberals have from the moment Trump won over their glory girl, plotted and schemed and attempted to create situations that would enable them to perform their coup which was their plan from the start.  These people are the most disgusting excuse for politicians and government workers.  Though people don't see their corruption in attempts to frame Trump or set Trump up all they see is what they want and what their derangement leads them to see.

They still can't get over being beat in 2016.  They embody the very things they accuse Trump of doing.  They created a Russian Hoax in an attempt to smear Trump, created millions of dollars of wasted investigation that as slanted and biased from the start with all Democratic donors and Hillary supporters running it yet even with all this couldn't trap Trump.  Muller exposed himself as just a figurehead which was doubtful that he even could conceive of what was going on.  The real strings were pulled by people dedicated to take down Trump yet they failed so from Russia to Ukraine and even with this, they will fail.

The real enjoyment, for conservatives, is to know that every day of their existence the derangement eats itself even deeper into their brains and they seethe and become more and more beside themselves with each Trump's success and victory.  The real tripping point when heads will literally explode will be the point IF Trump actually wins re-election for another four years.  It won't stop their efforts but it will bring torrents of liberals to tears as the derangement turns terminal.

Facts should matter to everyone , not just Democrats. Your final paragraph is all anyone needs to see to understand you've been blinded by your hate for anything deemed 'liberal'.

IF Trump doesn't get re-elected, Republicans will make a run on antidepressants. Talk about derangement syndrome. Republicans can't seem to see the forest for all those darn trees.