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major dif on Biden family and Trump family.  Biden bragged on camera of extorting Ukraine.  Hunter Biden rode VP plane to other countries and came back a rich man.   Trump was already rich, he has donated everyone of his presidential checks. His kids volunteer in their roles.  No where have I heard of them receiving deals because of their father's position.  Unlike Hunter, and of course Chelsea who received huge paychecks from NBC and the Clinton foundation.  We have also spoken out about Romney who has ties to Ukraine.  Also about McCain, whose daughter only has a job because of her father.     

Trump is not a saint, he was hired to clean the swamp DC of corruption.  This is both democrats and republicans.  Sadly democrat voters are blind? stupid? ignorant?.   

What concerns me is there are corrupt republicans in the senate.  How many will turn on Trump to protect their stealing from tax payers.

First. Biden had support of SEVERAL COUNTRIES as well as UKRAINIAN OFFICIALS.  The man fired wasn't prosecuting corruption and was PART OF THE PROBLEMS IN THE UKRAINE.

Trump was hunting dirt on a political opponent.


Next, prove Trump has any money whatsoever. I'll wait.

Trump has his name on a lot of things, but you have no idea who owns any of it or what part Trump may/may not own.  Trump's kids work in the Whitehouse. Ivanka got MILLIONS in trademarks from China while Trump has been in office and hundreds of millions from the Saudis. Again, while Trump has been in office. As soon as I see Republicans jump on those investigations, I'd be inclined to believe the narrative about Biden. You don't get to point fingers at Biden and not acknowledge the actions by Trump.

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