Reply to "Abraham & Isaac vs. Jephthah & his daughter"

Originally posted by b50m:
No NS, I don't have to throw out the entire book. Just look for what makes sense, that's all.
You and Jenn can 'light up all the people you want to', I'll go with what I said.

I still don't know why all atheists love to tear apart a book they don't believe in just so they can ridicule someone.

I really would not waste my time even reading it if I believed it to be a fairy tale.

Like all the 'conspiracy site' with lizards, aliens, inside jobs, fake moon landings, etc...

You all say it's to enlighten the ignorant and brainwashed but I don't sense any feelings of help coming out of it, just ridicule and a massive dose of superiority complex.

As you like to say NS, meh.


If you cannot read the plain text and arrive at the conclusion that everyone else does, no complex is necessary.

It's written down for you. Sure, it is likely another fairy tale, but before you can parse the fairly tale, you have to understand the story.

Jephthah killed his daughter. It IS the story. He burned her body. It's a horrible story, but that is the story. I gave you the verses. It's right there.

This is not controversial.