Reply to "Abraham & Isaac vs. Jephthah & his daughter"

Originally posted by Jennifer:
I'm not tearing apart anything. I read the passages and even though I do believe it's all fiction I gave my opinion on what it meant. If you go to a book club and give your opinion on what the author was saying, and it differs from someone else's, are you tearing the book apart? Are they tearing it apart because they interpret it differently than you?

depends on the book.
if it were Moby Dick.. crap.. censors... ok..
if it were Moby Richard by herman melville... then yes.. it would mean i was taking it apart.
i would personally like to personally urinate on every printed copy of moby richard in existance. i hate that book with a sick blinding greasy hate.

i realize this had nothign to do with the topic at hand, but it was a chance for me to once again announce my bile ridden vomitous loathing for that book, so i took the opportunity when it presented itself.

thank you, have a nice day.

after post note:
Cool.. the censor didn't *** out the name of the book. i figured it would..