Reply to "Abraham & Isaac vs. Jephthah & his daughter"

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I'm no Biblical scholar, Jennifer, but she now becomes the Lord's. This I assume means that she essentially becomes a nun - hence her bewailing her virginity - and this ends Jephthah's ancestral line. Not a good thing for someone with his ambition.

This all makes sense considering that human sacrifice at that time was not pleasing to God, so He - knowing the outcome - wouldn't have agreed to the deal to begin with.

What amazes me more than anything are all the deals OT God has to make in order to get his chosen people to behave, then they do it so poorly.
I didn't say it pleased his god.

Josephus-""…she only desired her father to give her leave, for two months, to bewail her youth with her fellow-citizens; and then she agreed, that at the fore-mentioned time he might do with her according to his vow. Accordingly, when that time was over, he sacrificed his daughter as a burnt-offering, offering such an oblation as was neither conformable to the law, nor acceptable to God…"
I wonder what's the point of all these gruesome stories unless they were little fables told to keep anyone from attempting these things. In other words this could mean he did this and it peeved his god, so don't go around offering up human sacrifices. Then the buzz would be, "did you hear about that dude that burned his own kid for god? Man that teed off his god too, can't be doing that".