Reply to "Academy Awards"

Jack Hammer posted:
I haven't watched an award show in 7 or 8 years and I still hear too much
about them. Every since country music started to sound exactly like all the
rest I haven't listened to that in years either.
I hate rap, pop, rock is dead and nothing new has showed up yet, one
tune fits all just like Country.
I'm so lonesome I could cry. looks like we aren't the only ones not watching. Ratings were way down.

ABC's politically charged Oscar telecast averaged 23.6 million viewers on Sunday night, the smallest audience ever, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

THR noted that total was “well below the 29.56 million and 7.7 for last year's awards,” and down 20 percent in year-to-year viewers. The Oscars managed a 5.3 rating in the key demographic of adults age 18-49, down 31 percent from last year’s 7.7 demo rating.


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