Reply to "AG Barr's Letter to Senate and House Judicial Committees."

gbrk posted:
L. Cranston posted:

Democrats, in Congress, are asking for the full Mueller Report. If Trump is innocent, why are Republicans blocking the release of the report?? Why not just release the report and be done with all this?

Really!  Did you read the facts about what happened?  The hyperlink to the left, if you click it, will take you to one of many articles about what really happened.  I can't fault you though as you may have been getting your news directly from highly biased CNN (Counterfeit News Network) or MSNBC and they often manufacturer news if it will appear negative to Trump.  

What you said was a half truth and you ran with it.  McConnell did not block the release of the Report but rather blocked a resolution to release the "full report".  Frankly it's not within McConnells power or any other Congressperson's to block the report as the total decision on that resides in the Attorney General's power.  It's possible that Trump could block the release, being Barr's boss, but Trump has said release the report.  

I will admit that I haven't read the complete text of the story but I assume that the reason McConnell did what he did was to protect some of the information that comes from testimony, from inside the report, that could jeopardize some National Secrets or Secret information so to keep it from the Media and public.  McConnell blocked a Resolution though not the release of the Report as that may still happen under Barr's authority.  What McConnell also did not do was to approve a resolution to prevent release of the report.  He just stopped a resolution to release it, vastly different, from what you are accusing him of doing. but then maybe it doesn't matter, in your mind or others.  

So, if you want to correct yourself, you can restate what McConnell did and comment further on that, or you can just continue to make false assumptions about Republicans in general, wanting to stop the release of the report.  Frankly I don't look for anything to come out of it, even if released, as there were so many Trump hating people on Muller's group, in fact all of them that worked on the investigation (not one Trump friendly person) that if there had been anything at all there then information would have leaked out beforehand, to the media or to Democrats.  

So given all the wasted money trying to find something to reverse the results of the 2016 election are you in favor of an investigation into just how all this came about?   How warrants against Americans were obtained based on a dossier that has been proven full of false claims and financed by those against Trump?  I highly doubt that anyone, favorable to the Democrats, will now want to see an investigation into why some fake dossier was used and accepted to support such offenses against the Constitutional rights of American Citizens?

Lastly, note that although there was some convictions based upon some of the warrants and cases tied to the investigation NONE of the Convictions had anything to do with Donald Trump or the Campaign but rather had to do with the peoples acts uncovered during the investigation of Trump and had to do with their personal finances (not Trumps) or taxes or actions before Congress.

A BIG NOTHING burger with regards to anything to do with Trump or the Campaign.  And on the topic of obstruction is it not within a President's power and ability to fire, for any reason, one of his employees, such as Jeff Sessions or FBI Director Comey, both of who serve at the pleasure of the President?  What is more telling is who the President didn't fire and that would be Muller.  The President didn't like Muller and thought he was biased because Muller loaded his staff with Trump hating people so the President thought he was biased but he never fired him nor did he order him fired by any of Trump's employees.  Trump never obstructed justice but keep wishing.

Why did you write a novel just to argue semantics? Until Republicans stop blocking Americans from viewing the report, it's just gonna be more of a problem for Republicans. If there's nothing to hide, why hide it?