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Kraven posted:
Kraven posted:
Recratican posted:
Kraven posted:Why not have an Anesthesiologist do the deed in death roll cases.It could take the guess work out of it.

I'm going to take a wild guess it's due to physicians and nurses taking an oath not to hurt anyone. Just a guess, mind you.

(Are those physicians and nurses that murder children everyday take that
oath not to hurt anyone. I think so, just a guess, mind you)


Seriously, a physician, no matter how he felt about capital punishment, would be in danger of losing his medical license if his name was revealed.

(Seriously, a person could be trained as an Anesthesiologist for that
reason working for the state without taking the oath, I know
it's complicated.)


Currently in Alabama, paramedics start the IV and wardens start the drip.


I had a feeling it would be too complicated, I didn't realize it was
totally out of your mental reach. Is there any other misdirection
you might dive into besides common sense.


So basically since you can't explain it, it means you have no concrete idea yourself. Is that for both points or just one?