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Originally posted by O No!:
El, the reason I am all for subsidies for SMALL farms is that it is good for the nation as a whole. Small farms need them to stay in business, and we need small farms for a variety of reasons.

There is a big push right now for eating "local". Locally produced food is fresher, and more importantly, it is not trucked in from across the country. Big savings in fuel right there.

Also, a lot of the food in the grocery stores today doesn't even come from this country. We get fruit and vegetables from Chile, seafood from China, and all kinds of other things. If we eat local, we are helping AMERICANS to make a living.

Big factory farms pollute more than small farms. They use more pesticides and chemical fertilizers. AND they employ illegal immigrants.

And when all the small farms are out of business, the big factory farms will be able to set the prices wherever they want to. And they will grow only what produces the largest and fastest growing fruits and vegetables. I'd hate to see the large variety we now enjoy diminished.

And finally, locally grown food from small farms just tastes better. Think about how much better the eggs from your local farmer taste than the ones you buy in the grocery store. That is not only because they are fresher, but because of what the chickens are fed.

Your thoughts?

I have problems with seafood from China, or seafood an catfish from Viet Nam.

However, if you stop vegetables and fruits from Mexico and Chile, you should plan on eating more can goods and frozen veggies in the winter time. I remember the scarcity of fresh food in supermarkets during winter time in the 1950s and 1960s. Really do not wish to go back to that era.

As I've shown, small scale farmers rarely received subsidies. Remove subsidies from the large farms and the small ones will be able to compete even easier.