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Reply to "An Atheist's Perfect Solution For God And Creationism?"

Originally Posted by Unobtanium:
Originally Posted by b50m:

LOL, don't put me in with magpie/idiot or Bill.



You are defending the creation story with the same zeal they have, B5.  Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas.

The child was being critical of a stupid story that many hold to be true.  Being critical of stupid things is a good thing to foster in a child.  You disagree, so be it.

The child was being offered the Bible as a fictional story by a parent laughing about it. The parent gave the impression it was 'stupid'. Had the parent not presented it that way, the child could at least have thought about it. No, UNOB, it was presented in a very biased way by the parent to a 6 year old who could easily tell what the parent thought of it. Saying the child made an intelligent decision ON HIS OWN to scoff at relgion is not valid.


If saying I believed God created the universe is 'zeal', so be it. Of course, that puts you in the same category as Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the real Illuminati group that wanted to abolish religion.

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