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Reply to "An Atheist's Perfect Solution For God And Creationism?"

Originally Posted by b50m:

Oh, I don't know, maybe the way daddy told the story completely 'unbiased' and made sure to laugh at the whole thing. And you find me a six year old who understands the nomenclature of the animal kingdom, and I'll buy him a new car.

OK, you win. 

So the dad is telling a fairy tale and the child is laughing at the silliness of it. Is there something "wrong" with that, B5?  Yes, even kids are capable of detecting BS.  Much better than adults.  To get a kid to accept the preposterous as "true" takes much more effort than simply letting them think their way through it and coming to their own conclusions.

Who the heck in their right mind would defend this Creation story in these modern times?

.... Oh, never mind:  B50 and Magpie and Bill.  Enjoy the company.

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