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I'm outraged

The left has to spend all their time fretting about kids at the border that are being fed better...being kept cleaner...have access to medical care...after being dragged across the desert by people that may or may not be their parents. They don't have time to worry about American kids.

That's because it's not cool to be identified as an American according 
to their socialistic thinking.
They're too stupid to realize what a miserable life they would have
without America, that's where this thing is headed, down a road that
always ends in third world failure.
Firewall in a liberal brain blocks out all common sense.

Let me call this out for what it is.  It's abusive language to guilt trip black and brown people, and to embolden bigots.

If the europeans never colonized these lands:

There would have been no native american genocide, trail of tears, or reservations. They  would still have their ancestral homelands. 

There would have been no slave trade, 400 years of black families being separated and sold as property.

There would have been no civil war, confederate flags, monuments, statues, jim crow laws, and segregation.

We're all tied into this dark abusive history. A lot of us are sick of it and ready to heal the country.  We just need to wake up the rest.