Reply to "Any Predictions?"

Tuberville?  Tubervile brought AU 6 Iron Bowl wins.  Not the Bear, but neither sides have come close since.  And a perfect 2004 season afterwards he went duck hunting.  Bear would find no fault with that.

Chizik?  Chizik maybe a one trick pony, but coached an pre-season unranked team to the NC.

So these coaches had a little wiggle room for negotiation.  No doubt $aban helped with that.

 But pre-Saban and post Stallings, what was Bama's payout for these coaches?

Mike Dubose - Although DuBose was not implicated in any wrongdoing, Alabama was nevertheless hammered for the violations that occurred on his watch, which included a loss of 21 scholarships over three years, a two-year bowl ban, and five years of probation

Dennis Franchione -  The turnaround success Franchione made prompted Alabama officials to offer Franchione a 10-year contract extension worth $15 million. Franchione, however, did not sign the offer. Following Alabama's victory over the University of Hawaii and the dismissal of Texas A&M head coach R. C. Slocum, Franchione resigned at Alabama and was named head coach at Texas A&M after publicly stating that he would not leave.

Mike Price - Price may be best known nationally for an off-the-field incident during his brief stint at Alabama

Mike Shula - Alabama ended the season by losing their final three games to Mississippi State at home, LSU, and their fifth consecutive Iron Bowl loss to in state rival Auburn, ending with a 6–6 record. On November 26, one week after the Iron Bowl loss, Alabama athletic director Mal Moore notified Mike Shula that he would not be retained as the University of Alabama's head football coach for the 2007 season.[9] The University of Alabama had to pay Shula $4 million left on his contract after they fired him.  Sources - wiki.

Tthe AU marriages were good for a while, Bama maybe a little less,  yet divorce don't come cheap no matter how good or bad.

So why are divorces so expensive?

Because they're worth it.

And that's the way the schools see it.