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I didn't see the A&M game.. did they pull their starters? Then couldn't get refocused?  Ariz. St. almost had that happen to them and it was a caliber of UCLA.  

No it wasn't due to pulling the starters.  UCLA caught fire along with several other improbable things happening such as a missed field goal by A&M and one of Rosen's passes passed right through the hands of a defender in such a way that it's almost impossible to believe that it wasn't intercepted then one play where Rosen was about to be sacked, and in a play totally like the pass that Ole Miss QB made to beat Alabama that year, before falling down he just tossed the ball (he stated he was attempting to throw it away) back toward the end zone and sideline but the dead duck ball fell squarely into the hands of a UCLA receiver in the end zone.  The receiver was one of four players (2 UCLA & 2 A&M) that were back in the end zone.  The way the ball was tossed up it was up for grabs and apparently none of the A&M defenders ever saw the ball whereas the UCLA receiver saw it and received it right at the goal line and right in front of the two defenders.

The comeback was so improbable and was a streak of lucky things that just had to go right and did that I think A&M players were just in a trance not believing what they were experiencing and seeing. 

If anyone is to be blamed then pass it around.  Highly motivated UCLA players playing above their abilities and Rosen with an extremely hot hand and extra luck.  On A&M's part the players naturally could have done things differently such the player that allowed the ball to go through his hands or the two defenders in the end zone could have fought for the toss up dead duck ball or the field goal kicker and special team but also coaches on A&M were almost deer in headlights.  John Chavis (former Tennessee Defensive Coordinator) certainly bears the burden of blame because he didn't change up (or if so it wasn't apparent) A&M's defensive schemes in response to UCLA's 4th qtr comeback.  Kevin Sumlin also seemed to just be a deer caught in the headlights as everything played out right in front of him.  The A&M Offensive Coordinator didn't appear to play to take time away from UCLA but didn't seem to change the emphasis in the 2nd Half.

Texas A&M's team was the best team on the field that night regardless of the end score but they did get outplayed in the 4th quarter and allowed themselves to be beat.  Planets aligned for UCLA because certainly luck was on their side so it was one of those things that happened but the A&M coaches will always have to assume blame and most likely justly applied.  I don't think it's a reflection on their current season as much as it is a reflection of their last three seasons summed up in a game.  Great performance for 3/4ths of the time and falling apart in the last 1/4th. 

It was a sight to see and was a great game, if you like UCLA or hate A&M but will not affect A&M's chances to win the SEC west and they can come back and play much better if they don't get stuck in the defeat.  Comebacks do happen, just ask Georgia Tech & Tennessee.  As with so many games last year, Tennessee got outplayed most of the game except the last when it counted.  Georgia Tech was never stopped but gave up the ball twice on fumbles at very critical times and both prevented them from scoring and did miss a critical field goal to a Tennessee team that got hot when they needed it. 

Sometimes THINGS HAPPEN and this weekend it happened to A&M and Georgia Tech, both teams that outplayed, for the most part, their opponent only to see it slip away to a team that was outplayed for most of the game.  A wins a win so we will see how it affects all four teams as the season wears on.

I hate dirty teams and after the dirty trick Rashaan Gaulden pulled last year, TN doesn't deserve to win one game.