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I didn't see the A&M game.. did they pull their starters? Then couldn't get refocused?  Ariz. St. almost had that happen to them and it was a caliber of UCLA.  

Barn burner. If UCLA had played the entire game like they played the last 10 minutes they'd have beat A&M 100 to 0.

Yep.  It was a barn burner, and this from a AU fan. 

And if TAM had scored so much as a safety in the last 10 minutes, they would have won.

So it goes.

Glad I didn't see A&M get Trashed like that...

Saw last night, an influential individual in the A&M System, spoke out publicly on FB... Sumlin needs to be Fired!!!

Houston attorney Tony Buzbee offered his thoughts on Facebook on Sunday night after Texas A&M blew a 34-point lead to lose 45-44 in Los Angeles. He wrote:

"I'm sure I may be criticized for this post but I honestly don't care. I've been on the Board of Regents for the A&M System for almost seven years.

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One more Loss, May Do it.....Question becomes, How about Les Miles? He likes to eat Grass...Fits with an Ag School...