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Any Tree experts here? I have a question.

I have a two trees (🌳🌳) in my front yard and I thought both were supposed to be Pear🍐trees but only one of them fruits every other year.  Since one gets fruit I know it's a pear🍐tree but I'm wondering about the other so I'll post photos of both below.  At the very end of the post I'll also post a photo of a tree in the back yard if anyone can tell me about it as well.   Any input or answers is greatly appreciated.  


The photo below is of the tree that has never fruited or had fruit.

The photos below is of the other front yard tree that has fruited 🍐 for at least two times in the last three years.  In one photo you can see pears 🍐 🍐🍐growing this year.  The fruit though doesn't matter too much because usually I have squirrels 🐿 🐿 🐿 🐿 that pick the fruit 🍐 right off the tree and it disappears before it gets ripe and ready to pick.🤬


Last there is a tree 🌳 in my backyard that looks similar to the one that gives fruit 🍐 in the front only the back yard tree has never fruited once even though it also is supposed to be a Pear Tree🍐

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )


Images (5)
  • mceclip0: Fruit tree leaves
  • mceclip1: Tall tree in front yard
  • mceclip3: Leaves of fruit tree in front yard
  • mceclip2: Leaves of tall tree in front yard
  • mceclip4: full photo of pear tree
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