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Reply to "Are There Special Revelations From God Today?"

quote:  Originally Posted by semiannualchick:

If "Bob" isn't a member of this forum, why would you post this here? He doesn't want anyone to discredit your ministry........Does he not know you do that here all by yourself?

Hi Chick,


Are we only supposed to post on the TimesDaily Religion Forum -- what is already written on the TimesDaily Religion Forum?  Or, may we, as we all do -- quote from other sources?  Enough said.


For your info, I am not sure if Bob comes here to read ocassionaly or not.  He is a Friend from my writings on The Conservative Voice several years ago, and has been receiving my Friends Ministry eNewsletter for a long time.  So, I see no problem with sharing his comments here, as long as I respect his privacy -- as I often share our comments in my Friends Ministry.


As I have often said, I am not here to join in "spitting contests" -- but, to share the Word of God with the most people possible.  And, if I have to arm wrestle with a few atheists and other non-believers to do this -- so be it. 


Chick, thank you for your question and your sincere comment. 


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,