Reply to "Atheists, Freethinkers Blasphemy Rights Day"

Originally Posted by Bestworking:

So invictus starts a thread about atheist, Bill insults us by insinuating we are all fools. Best calls him on it and O No and Bill act as though Best is just taking things out of context.


Are you guys serious?


So Bill's post was not meant to be an insult?




Maybe they could explain "the joke".


Actually, DA, YOUR response to Bill's post is perfectly reasonable. You question what he meant, and you assume, given the flippant tone of his post, plus your knowledge of his beliefs, that he meant it as an insult. I've got absolutely no problem with that at all.


But JENNIFER somehow took that same knowledge and construed it to mean that Bill wants to hunt down and kill atheists. She did something similar over in politics not that long ago, when she accused Rocky of wanting to see all of our soldiers come home in a box, simply because he posted about Repubs being less charitable. Instead of chalking it up to the constant disagreement between left and right over there, she over reacted and claimed that Rocky's assertion about helping the needy meant he wanted US servicemen dead! Where did she get THAT?? Where does she get that Bill wants to hunt down and kill atheists?


 Only in the darkest and bitterest parts of her heart.