Reply to "Book of Mark... Fiction?"

If anyone knows a LIE it should be you for you are chief at them.  You showed me nothing of the kind.  What you did was take a current LIE of yours on a current thread and when I called you on it and showed by posting it you ran and tried to pull up a totally different post to someone else and put it as if I was saying it to you, under this topic never addressing what you said a few post above that which was the very lie I was talking about and misrepresentation of me and what I said..  




1) Did Congress AUTHORIZE (as I said in this discussion) to Import 20,000 Bibles? (September 11, 1777)  WELL?


2) Was that decision to Import them not because the three man committee formed when preachers advised congress that there was a Bible Shortage due to the war (July 7, 1777), and therefore they sought to obtain the Bibles overseas by Importing them rather than printing them? (September 11, 1777)  That's a YES or NO?


3) Although they were never imported (because of conditions of the war) and Aitken was allowed to sell His Bibles was the reason they never was imported (1782) and NOT because of anything close to separation of Church and state or because the government thought it was illegal. 


4)  IF it was not for the war and conditions that prevented the importing of the Bibles and they could have been found in Holland/Scotland would they not have been purchased and imported back as AUTHORIZED BY CONGRESS?  This is a logical question that isn't rocket science.


YOU are the one insisting I said congress paid for themI said they AUTHORIZED them and I said that IF it had not been for the war they would have been imported which would be the same as saying they were purchased for when Congress authorized them to be purchased the money and the will was there to do it if the ability was there to.  That is what I said.


YOU are the one LYING about me and I have yet to see such an angry bitter person post such that you do.  You truly are not worth the time responding to anymore so




IGNORE ME, don't post to me, don't read my post, go away and sulk in your own venom and spew it at someone who cares to hear it.  I Don't care to hear you, read your post, or think you hold any validity anymore.  You say you aren't but your words reveal such a BITTER, hateful woman with some perceived ax to grind YOU Continue  a LIE about Hitler for you either cannot read and comprehend or you deliberately LIE about it and twist my words.   GO LOOK what I said and repost it again for all to see because you are so proud to admit you made a mistake.  Thankfully enough are here that realize you are doing what you are.



YOU LIE, and aren't very good at it, the words and text reveal your lies for what they are (the twisting of words).  I never said atheist were like hitler as you insinuate I did.  That was your first LIE about me, your second had to do with saying I wanted to make this a Christian Forum, and your THIRD Lie is recently where you say I lied about the 20,000 Bibles.


So answer the questions above if you dare for you care not for the truth you care only to defame someone and lie about them.  You truly are a sad case.  Please IGNORE ME AND ALLOW ME TO DO THE SAME TO YOU!  or do you need some remedial help in understanding that request?