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YOU and JENNIFER BOTH should know about twisting words and twisting facts but in this case there IS evidence. Do you just take what Jennifer says as total fact or do you also have difficulty in reading comprehension. WHERE did I ever say Congress bought or paid for or ordered BIBLES? . . . . . WHERE?



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Do you have a reading or understanding deficiency? LISTEN CAREFULLY --- I NEVER SAID, TYPED, OR INDICATED (as you accuse me of) THAT CONGRESS BOUGHT, PURCHASED, OR ORDERED BIBLES. Quit acting as if I did.




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July 29, 2011 3:22 PM

gbrk posted to crusty:

"The point that I believe needs to be thought about or addressed is that Congress did vote and approve the purchase and/or acquisition of the 20,000 Bibles with some nays but a majority of yea's."



 The title of the thread was: Did The Continental Congress Fund 20,000 Bibles?



Right there in your own words gbrk, so just where are the "twisted or changed words"???