Reply to "Book of Mark... Fiction?"

Bill, I'm sorry.

I have tried twice now to

edit the post, and even

though I have cut the lines

into quarters, it still comes

out this way. I don't understand

what happened.


I guess it doesn't matter though.

I proved my point, and it

doesn't matter what Jennifer

says about them all being

"my cronies". I don't have the

power, popularity, or whatever

else it would take to convince

ANYONE to post something

against Jennifer - these people

posted what they did because

they see her bitterness.


I mean, really -  telling someone

they are "worse than worthless"!

That she wishes she were there

when someone knocks their teeth

out! That she thinks they want to see

our soldiers

come home in a box!!!

And of course, there is her always

classy, "STFU"


The more she posts, the more black-

hearted she shows herself to be.