Reply to "Book of Mark... Fiction?"

This has happened to me before also,  I don't know if it's your post O NO or if it's just

the formatting of the new newsgroup software.  I am adding hard returns to this reply

in hopes it will help.


I tried to type a reply about the accusation that Jennifer made citing the title of a subject

I began and claiming she was right saying that I said something that I didn't actually say.


She does not know, understand, or CARE if she is wrong she only cares to sew discord

and make her Lies become fact.  She claims we twist meaning or words but post what

she says defends her accusing me of saying that Congress bought or funded the 20000

Bibles.  She even copied or re-pasted the topic.  She, I suppose, doesn't know the difference

between a QUESTION (which is what I ask) and a STATEMENT ( which is what she claims I made).


I suppose if I ask you O NO did it rain yesterday at your house?

Jennifer's translation would be  GBRK said it rained at O NO's house yesterday.  Then all her

post would respond as if that's what I said and there would be no retraction or apology.


Additionally it is interesting to wonder what she thinks about Congress or Politics.

The question said DID the Continental Congress Fund 20,000 Bibles?

Well that provokes a new question.  IF Congress AUTHORIZES something to be imported

then does that not imply that money would be set aside or provided in order that whatever

was authorized could be accomplished if, all things being equal, it could be done.


They weren't eventually imported so they were not paid for by Congress but that was due

to the war and not because of a change in their mind or their will.

They only changed their mind and stopped the importation when Aitken offered to supply the

Bibles that were paid out of his funds.  At that time they authorized their own chaplains to 

inspect and recommend his version as being acceptable to present to the people and States.


Also interesting to realize that they (Congress) were going to have them put into each

School to be studied and read by the Students then.  And I guarantee Creation was also

approved to be taught to the students then as well.  All of that today would be illegal.  Jennifer was

right about words being twisting, she changed/twisted a Question into a Statement.