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Reply to "C'mon Hillary - Release those **** wall street speech transcripts"

woz75 posted:

yes she is but the truth is she would be better for the economy than anyone in the GOP Clown Car - let's see any of THEM do it - nope, they are on their knees right now giving a hand shandy to their corporate Gods.....and don't mention Trump, he's the definition of CRONY capitalism 

 Why does obamrama take knee pads with him to all the raghead

I've done VERY well in this economy...hell, the country always does better under democrats....If you can't get ahead now then just wait till your favorite clown gets into'll be worse off then ever but at least you'll be happy because you're an idiot 

Doing very well doesn't pertain to all the guys you meet on the highway,
it's about money, the money this country once had seven years ago and
ain't got no more. But don't take my on it, it's a global fact...


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