Reply to "Chick -- I Have NEVER Wanted To See You Banned!"

Originally Posted by Infomercial:
I've never attacked semi, but I did apologize and she apparently didn't accept. She's never accepted any of Bill's apologies either.


I don't admire Bill or semi, but didn't mean to offend her or him. Bill says the same ole same ole and semi never contributes anything but criticism.


Never attacked me? You say I use smiley faces because I'm laughing at people. You play psychologist by saying the loss of my child is the root what you call my needing attention, reassurance or whatever.

You never apologized to me that I saw. You said you were sorry I lost a child but you followed it with 

"I won't play psychologist too often, but maybe that's the root of needing attention or reassurance or whatever". That's like slapping someone when they're already down. If you apologized for that remark, can you show me where I missed it?


I would like to see where Bill has ever apologized to me for anything. That must be another one I missed.


I never contribute anything but criticism? You must not read here much, or you look only for the negative & not the positive. I've said many positive things on this forum, & I think some of the people here will back me up on that one.

BTW, I hate to burst your bubble but I don't admire you either.