Reply to "Chick -- I Have NEVER Wanted To See You Banned!"

Hi O No,


Please do not think that my "OR, WOMAN (or girl) ENOUGH?" was referring to you.  I was just playing along with Jennifer's comment, "I guess the one that got him banned isn't 'man' enough to own up to it."


I just cannot imagine who Jennifer had in mind.  Can you?


Like  you, I would not have noticed if Uno was banned.   But, personally, I do not want to see him or anyone banned from the Forums.   Like toppings on a good combo pizza -- the more we have, the better it tastes.  I would never order a one or two topping pizza -- for I like the flavor of the different ingredients.  Well, I take that back -- I hate anchovies!  Never order a pizza with anchovies!  Do you suppose anchovies are atheists?


And, I find the comments and questions coming from our atheist and secularist Friends to be great platforms from which we can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  So, why should we want to tear down such great platforms?


But, my Friend, in no way was I implying you in my joking with Jennifer.


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,



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