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Hi Chick,

If either of us did have such access through a personal relationship -- and such info is shared through that relationship -- that Mod should be fired for breaking a trust.  But, I do not believe that is the case.  I do not believe that you, I, or anyone else can know what another member has written in a post report.
Bill, you do not live here, & according to you, haven't in many, many years.  I'm sure you know alot of people & have many friends where you live, just as I know alot of people & have alot of friends that live here. This is my home & has been all my life. 

So, Chick,


Are you telling us that you have friends, or relatives, who work for the TimesDaily or Tennessee Valley Press -- who give you privileged inside information written by Forum members?   Is that what you mean when you write, ". . . just as I know a lot of people & have a lot of friends that live here"?


Simple answer:  Yes or No?  Is that what you are telling us?


Otherwise, it does not matter if you live in the Shoals and I live in California -- neither of us should have such insider information -- and, if you do -- that person should be fired.


So, what is it, Chick -- are you pulling our leg -- or do you have such inside information?


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,