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I see nothing wrong with posting a thread asking for prayers, and I don't see a need for anyone to say anything nasty. 

Note:  I have posted this for those who believe in God and believe in prayer.  For our detractors, don't bother -- for after those who care have been notified -- I am going to delete this discussion.  God bless, Bill


The quoted part from Bill does change the tone of the thread in my opinion, too.  So if I didn't believe in prayer but could send Reiki, good thoughts, wishes, suggestions, experiences that might uplift the child, or ask where to donate money I wouldn't be welcome to post in the thread?  For our detractors don't bother?  I am going to delete the discussion?


I understand why someone would want to ask people to be kind and just offer whatever they can to the child, but dismissing others and telling people not to bother to me seems to invite the very posts the op didn't want.  I am not saying it was on purpose since I have no idea, but just saying that "Please, everyone, please offer prayers or whatever you can to this child, and I am asking you to please help this child" and leaving it at that might not be so inviting?  Just a thought...


Just my two cents.


A well written thought & two cents.


Yeah frog, but thats just the way Billie-jo thinks. He's put himself above

everyone else. I learned that everything he does is for what he feels

makes him look better in the eyes of the people around him.

They have told him different, but he can't stop now.


Seems as if he can't talk to someone without talking down to them.