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I don't see ANYTHING in Bill's posts on this subject, in EITHER thread, that imply he thinks anyone wished death on this child. The way I read it, Bill is asking that instead of getting into the same arguments on this thread as we do in all the others, that we just wish the child well, pray for him, and then let it drop.



O No, Invictus asked me to define what uno is doing at the expense of the child.

Bill made the statement that the “detractors” not bother sending any best wishes for this child, that after “those who care have been notified” the topic would be deleted.

I made the statement to Invictus that if Uno wished death upon that child, I didn't see it but that I couldn’t see anyone wishing such a thing. So the blame lies with me for those words. I didn’t say Bill said anyone wished it, nor do I believe Uno would wish it. I was trying to make a point but it seems some didn't get it.


Bill was nasty in his request that the “detractors” not bother sending any best wishes for this child.  Why not? Why does it have to be only prayers that are accepted? Why are best wishes for improvement from a non-Christian not allowed? I’m sorry but Bill is nothing but a hat wearing “Christian” that likes to dictate to everyone, & I will not allow him to dictate to me.


Bill knew exactly what he was doing when he said the "detractors" need not reply. Just wait & see if he doesn't start another topic about us "detractors".




semi, the reason I said--define what uno was doing at the expense of the child,

was the child was caught between uno's hatred for prayer and all the focus

on it. He beat that "donation" idea non stop, knowing it's distraction would

screw up the whole cause. Read uno's wording and you'll get his drift.


You didn't say anything wrong semi.