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Reply to "Continued Prayer Needs For 2 Year Old Edley Lattimore"

Originally Posted by frog:
Originally Posted by ReleaseTheElephant:
Originally Posted by Bestworking:

Bennifer just joins in to be included. I don't think she has very much education. I guess that's where my "psycho" comes into play...I really don't dislike her.






Really ellie? You think I just want to be "included"? Included in what please tell? If I wanted to be in a clique on a newspaper forum or anywhere else I'd do like you do and kiss ***.  And yes, you dislike me, you've been nothing but a snippy little ***** from day one. Apparently you posted something you thought was hella funny or clever and I didn't pay homage to it. Oh well, such is life. I don't like bullies or bully wannabes either. You'd love to be a bully but you don't have the firepower to pull it off. So that just leaves you looking like a frustrated old **** that attacks and runs down people on a forum while complaining that others do it. For you to try to disparage my education is funny considering I've never seen you post anything past a 4th grade level unless you copied and pasted it, and quite frankly I'm surprised you managed to figure out how to do that.

 See, Frog...

I just "pulled her string"! 

Calm down Mannifer

That is the part I don't get.  What do you get from pulling people's strings?  I thought it was a religious forum?



You appear to "don't get it" quiet often here lately. 

Maybe I'm turning Atheist?  Ya think?

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