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Reply to "Continued Prayer Needs For 2 Year Old Edley Lattimore"

Originally Posted by Unobtanium:
Originally Posted by b50m:
I think the atheists like to look at things that way.  God kills but medicine saves. Or by luck, or random chance, or the bullet missed. All bad things come from God but good things happen by accident. It is a paradox to me.

Jesus Christ. How can you be here for so long and not understand this?  B50: Atheists DO NOT BELIEVE IN GODS.  It's really, really simple.

Yes, we often "blame god" for the evils of the world here in this forum but it is assumed that you would understand we are being satiric or sarcastic.  We are asserting that IF your god exists then he certainly IS responsible for the evil in the world and are trying to help you see the reasoning. 

And, of course, we utterly fail. 

Yeah, and you just said on another thread that maybe God has left the Christians and is guiding the atheists.

I know you are being sarcastic. DUH, EVERYONE knows you are being sarcastic. Waste of your effort, don't ya think? You just come off looking vindictive, hateful, and cruel about something you CLAIM has no impact on your life and that you don't believe in.


And AGAIN, just because people are not on here engaging in childish bets with you doesn't mean they are not doing ALL they can, included sending monetary funds to help.



Thinking of the family again today. Best wishes.