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Reply to "Continued Prayer Needs For 2 Year Old Edley Lattimore"

Originally Posted by O No!:

Semi, He didn't say he wouldn't want anyone's good wishes for the child. What he meant by detractors is the ones who ridicule the very prayers he was asking for. Remember JimiHendrix' old standby line - "Prayer is the least effective thing you can do"? THAT'S the type of thing he was trying to avoid.


I'm sure the child's parents have access to a computer, and because Bill has told them about asking us for prayers, they probably see what is written here.


O No, I respectfully disagree with you. What Bill said was "I have posted this for those who believe in God and believe in prayer.  For our detractors, don't bother".

You notice he said for those who believe in God & prayer. Those of us that are not believers or are doubters, our well wishes aren't welcome.

In Bill's eyes, we "detractors" are all like  JimiHendrix.

The “detractors” are any of us here that is not his chosen few. He wanted to avoid any of us that doesn't fit his ideas.


I think what he said in the first topic was that he was sending her the prayers of the people he knew. I don't think he mentioned the small town newspaper forum name. He's to full of himself to want those people to read here & know what he's really thought of by most people on this forum. He wouldn't want them see the real Bill Gray.




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