Reply to "Continued Prayer Needs For 2 Year Old Edley Lattimore"

Originally Posted by b50m:

And where exactly did I say that semi?

I said the first thread turned nasty and this one is going the same way. I never said by who.

As for deleting it, that is Bill's decision, not mine

I'm also sure that the atheists would love for it to stay so they can ridicule prayer some more..

Anything to have a little fun at the expense of a bad situation.


You didnt' say, I just assumed that you wouldn't  believe it was the Christians that turned it nasty.

Since you assume the Atheist would love for it to stay so they can ridicule prayer some more, that kinda leads me to think you believe they turned it nasty. Atheist/non-Christians/doubters...we're all treated the same here. Most wouldn't spit on us if we were on fire.

I haven't seen anyone have what you call "fun at the expense" of a bad situation, (this sick child). I think everyone here wishes a healing for him.

Hopefully, the expertise of the doctor's & medications that are available today, will get him through this terrible time.


I didn't say it was your decision to delete this topic.

I said maybe you should ask him why he hasn't. After all, he said he would since those of us that he hates so bad have turned it nasty.