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Bill asked for prayers and good wishes.


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b50m, the thread started out with a request for wishes


I have a question & I won't be posting in this topic again. I'll read to see if anyone answers my question but that's it.

I'm sure it would make most of you happy if I stopped posting altogether, but at this point, it's just this topic.


I have put Bill's post below. Would anyone care to show me where I'm missing the words good wishes or wishes?


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Hi to my Praying Friends,
Last Thursday, I asked you to pray for 2 year old Edley Lattimore who was having open heart surgery at Children's Hospital in Detroit.  He came through the surgery and seemed to be doing fine.  But, as you can see from the e-mail below, he has developed a problem.
Please keep this child, his doctors, and his family in your prayers.
Thank you and God bless,
Note:  I have posted this for those who believe in God and believe in prayer.  For our detractors, don't bother -- for after those who care have been notified -- I am going to delete this discussion.  God bless, Bill