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Joy wrote:   I am positive I am saved.  I feel the Holy Spirit's conviction when I do something outside of God's will, his joy when I do something in God's will, his filling when I cannot do something by myself, his intervention when I am about to do something harmful to me or another person, his revelation and power when I read scripture or pray and I had a supernatural experience when I surrendered in my late 20s. I asked Christ to be my Savior, accepted him as Savior at age ten, but did not know about the surrender part until God taught me that it's Savior and I did that in my late 20s.

God has never left me, even when I was acting a fool as a teen. He never let me enjoy my sinful lifestyle. I was miserable until I turned away from that and began to follow his will for my life. I have been saved since the moment I asked him to save me at age 10. His presence is all over and in my life. I believe his word is true because of the power it has when spoken by me or anyone else...therefore the promises within are true as well. No one can snatch me from the Father's hand, including me. All of the above is why I am positive that the moment I am absent from the body, I will be present with the Savior. [/quote]

Hi Magpie,


Personally, I agree with everything Joy has written in this post.  Where do you find a problem with it?


Her comment, "until God taught me that it's Savior and Lord"  -- would lead me to think that she leans toward a Lordship Theology, which tends to be sort of a "works related" theology.   And, I suppose I would lean more toward a Free Grace Theology which says we are saved by grace, through faith -- plus nothing else, no works.


Yet, the rest of Joy's post leads me to believe she also believes as I do about salvation.  So, possibly, that phrase "until God taught me that it's Savior and Lord" -- though it sounds like Lordship Theology -- may just be Joy's way of expressing her love for Jesus Christ.  Personally, I always say that He is my personal Lord and Savior.  And, that is basically what Joy has told us.


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,