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Reply to "DeepFat Returns Victorious"

Playing ignorant about the BS is not becoming to you. You know who and what they are, you don't need me to point the finger.




Hate to break this to you extra 260, extra 360, jugflyer, but I was never part of that group, nor Monet's, don't give a flip about either one and no one has brought up anything at Joy's forum that is inappropriate.


Now if you want to start accusing me of something, then do so. I hate both sides and as long as no one brings it up in a post, I don't care. To accuse me of playing some infantile game with either side is BS. If you are a preacher, then thou should not gossip.


I don't know the members, don't care about the members and IF there are some people who post at Joy's forum that you find offensive, then don't read it. Just because you have judged someone to be below your standards of 'goodness', doesn't give you the right to decide who someone else should associate with.


Please point out those evil sheep for all the world to see. If you are so worried that they are evil, then report the forum. Ask magpie, he's knows exactly how since he already done so twice.
The only TRUE COLORS I have seen is a fake preacher judging others while behaving as a vindictive little man hiding behind a screen name. Joy nor I have ever said anything about you and as far as I know, you never bothered to make any comments on Sue's forum.


So if you think that the whole world gives a flip about your opinion, you are wrong. Joy started a forum. The policy is if you don't make waves you stay. Cause trouble you go. So far, I have not seen any trouble except form Ramm. Now if you want to be just like him, go ahead. If you are going to go low, might as well go all the way.


Unlike you, Joy can forgive and allows anyone in regardless of the past. As long as they know how to behave respectfully, we all have a good time.


I always knew you believed weird conspiracy theories, but I didn't know you were nuts too.

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