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I have said this before and I am going to say it again here.


The person behind the personas of okuok/buffalo/ramm/etc is seriously mentally ill. Everyone here should be very cautious in dealing with him. I fear for the people in his real life. He has said some very scary things on this forum and they seem to be overlooked as just kooky. No one that dedicates this much time to doing what he does here is just a little kooky. His derogatory comments to women, and his remarks about young people exposing themselves to him are not normal. I wish that TD mods would pay better attention and rid us of this danger. Its sad to say that it might take him actually acting in a violent and dangerous way for it to be taken seriously.


Becareful and stay clear of him. Try and ignore his comments and shut him out. Hopefully he will move on to somewhere else that he can get attention. Keep his family in your thoughts. They surely need our concern.



It is my suspicion that you are a young teenager.

Just for your information mr. troll I have only ONE screen name on here(dark dreamer) I've never needed to disguise myself like you do so I can troll the forums and harass people on a daily basis and be banned every other week. Not everyone has a hundred different names on here RRAMM. Get your facts straight troll.