Reply to "Democrat Climate Change Cult: Ban Everything!… Plastic Straws, Factory Farming, Hamburgers, Incandescent Light bulbs.. ‘There Will be Pain’"

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I don't understand,,, democrats candidates all are on the "climate change" ban wagon.   Then why don't they support the tariffs on China?  After all China is the worse country for pollution.  Also China's prices and lack of regulation under cut American union jobs.   

Because Trump's tariffs on Chinese goods are paid by Americans. Do you not understand how tariffs work?

Do you not understand the unfair Chinese trade practices?

Ok.... maybe this will help you... how is it that Americans paying more for Chinese goods will fix trade practices?

We're losing the farmers, but paying them a socialist handout. The world market is passing the US right on by. China is making the same money they were. Americans pay more and the government now collects a bigger chunk.  Guess who is the only group on the losing end... Americans.

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