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Reply to "Democrat Rhetoric and promises ... there's plenty of blame to go around"

1130 posted:

so Crank do you rebuttal just to stir or are you crazy?

pert neer every democrat candidate called for eliminating laws for illegal entrance to the USA.

abortion is killing babies,   Virginia allows at full term.   NY, and Calif. have approved illegal voting in local elections.   


So, half past 11, do your rebuttals just stir up Republican talking points or are you just willing to lie to sound good?

So, Calif. and NY allowed voting in School Board elections... local elections.

Virginia allowes late term abortion if the life, mental health, or physical well being of the mother is in danger. A Dr. has to sign off on it.

The Republicans are trying their best to spread the 'open borders' narrative. A simple google search will show you the error in your statement.