Reply to "Despite GOP Warnings, Restaurants Didn't Cut Jobs after Minimum Wage Hike"

Democrats, when fiscal matters are involved, usually are incompetent, improvident, or both.

Mercatus' credit standings of the 50 states.

1. Connecticut as 50th.

2. Massachusetts as 49th.

3. New Jersey as 48th.

4. Illinois as 47th.

5. Kentucky as 46th. 

6. Hawaii as 45th. 

7. California as 44th.

8. Maine as 43rd. 

9. New York state as 42nd. 

10. Maryland as 41st.

Except for Kentucky, all of the bottom ten are Democrat ruined states.  Both parties share responsibility for Kentucky's woes.

Illinois' financial manager notified the public, the state can no longer pay all its bills.  They bankrupted Puerto Rico, Detroit, Washington, DC, Jefferson County, and Harrisburg.  

Democrat - a parasitic zombie virus, that destroys the intelligence of its host, leaving a semblance of life, while destroying civilization.